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NEW 250 miles of bow only area added on to our already large bear area!!

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Our BOW HUNTERS hunt in bow only areas giving you a 12-23 yard shot. Groups using both bow and rifles will be set up accordingly. You have an excellent chance of bagging a BLACK BEAR which has a skull exceeding 18 inches giving your trophy a P & Y status. Bows with 55-75 pounds of pull are recommended.

Bear Hunting in Vermilion BayOur RIFLE HUNTERS hunt from both treestands and ground blinds with shots ranging from 30 - 120 yards. A minimum caliber of 270 is recommended, and a minimum of .50 caliber for black powder.

Our baits are set out 1 month prior to your arrival and checked on a regular basis. This ensures you asuccessful hunt. Early baiting enables us to observe what type of BEAR is frequenting a bait site.

CHECK IN: Arrival time is 11 a.m. After checking in to your cabin, your guide will give you a session as to where you will hunt and the bear’s habits. You will then be taken out to your baited stands. Outpost hunters will proceed to their hunting area and campsite approximately 1-1/2 hours after arrival at base camp. Baits are 1-50 miles from base camp and 1-20 miles from the outpost camp.

Pine Acres has one of the largest Bear areas in Western Ontario.
We use our 41 years of experience to do our best to ensure that your hunt is a successful one.

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